Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Workin' Lady

So this post is about my new job, but don't get too too excited folks.  I signed a contract saying I wouldn't mention the name of my company on any form of social media, including Linked In (Really? But it's an online resume...)

I got a job as a chef at a private school less than a mile from my house that has students age 6 months to age 12. "Oh Jamie, that's really specific information, I can totally figure out the name of your employer from just that." says you. "Nope" says I, in a pirate-y voice, for unknown reasons. There are FIVE schools just like it within a one mile radius of my house. TEXAS.

So more about the position..."Chef, you say? Last time I checked, chef is not a marketing position". TRUTH. Chef is not a marketing job, but I do love cooking and kiddos. "School chef? Isn't that like a glorified title that is really just a Lunch Lady?" (You are really being a jerk today, not-so-gentle reader)
Is this how you see me, jerk reader?
Well I'll have you know it is not just a lunch lady position. It is also part admin, part floater teacher. And I leave at 1:30pm. Aaaaand the actual title on my paperwork is "Culinary Wizard", SO THERE.
Yes I am, Hagrid.
So yeah, it gets me out of the house, hours I like, I could walk there if I chose to ( I won't. Maybe I'll get a bike though.), and I can be creative in the kitchen with adorable nuggets (I know, I know, don't cook the babies). Plus I'll probably eat healthier since everything I create has to be super healthy while not having any ingredients that cause allergic reactions or diabetes( Sooooo...everything).Enjoy your Flavored Air, children. Should be interesting.  WISH ME LUCK, READERS!


  1. Hilarious. I died. But congrats!!! Do your thang!

  2. Congratulations!! Sounds awesome :-)

  3. Congratulations! And I'm deeply sorry about being a jerk earlier, I don't know what came over me.

  4. Your grandmother was once a lunch lady, errr School's in your blood.