Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Wait....Ghost Cat is NOT the sequel to Ghost Dad??? Curse you, Netflix!!!

Hello gentle readers,

For those of you who don't know (meaning you have never met me) Matt and I have a great affinity for terrible movies of all genres.

Best use of green frosting I have ever seen.
Spoiler Alert: This blog's title is from the movie. That is how important it is in my life.
We cannot recommend these two gems enough (2 drink minimums are suggested).

Cliche-writing, giant plot holes, continuity that defies time and space- we can't get enough of it. So when we gained access to Netflix Instant Watch on our smart tv, we got super excited for the treasure trove of D Movies. 

So last night, looking to be entertained in a non-cooking show forum, Matt, Marie, and I embarked on choosing THE WORST option that still had a recognizable celebrity in it ( Sam had school work...nerd.).  Ghost Cat, starring Ellen Page (of Juno fame), was the unanimous winner.
Also written by a stripper.

With fond memories of Bill Cosby's Ghost Dad at the front of our minds, we watched. 
Alas, Ghost Cat was rarely on screen, and never talked about Jello Pudding Pops or demon worshipping cab drivers (<----ACTUAL CHARACTER IN GHOST DAD). But Sam did pop to inspire us with singing other movie themes and substituting all the words with "Ghost Cat". Ghostbusters, Jurassic Park, Star Wars, no iconic theme was spared.  

In the end Ghost Cat scored people $50k (come to my house next!), saved animals from suffocation of fumes,saved humans and animals from fire, and caused the bad guys to crash their car and get caught. Oh and it knocked over a bunch of stuff, walked on people's faces, put paw prints all over the floor and other normal cat shenanigans. Even in death these things are a NUISANCE. How can a cat be a ghost? Cats have no souls!!!

Bill Cosby, please make Ghost Grandpa ASAP.

UPDATE: Just found out about Ghost Shark. MUST SEE.


  1. I got really excited when I saw The Room poster and while this post was not actually about that critically acclaimed film, I was all in until the 'cats have no souls' comment. As you said, this cat saved people and brought the bad guys to justice, I say the cat totally has a soul, but if you still aren't convinced, spend an hour with Port, he'll convert you just as he has converted others before you.

    PS - I think a movie review post about The Room is in order. ESPECIALLY with the name of this blog! If that doesn't happen you'll be 'Tearing me apart Lisa!!'


  2. Um, totally with you until "Cat's have no souls." You've hurt mine by saying such a thing. In fact, Chloe has decided that she's going to haunt you after her passing just to prove the point.

  3. Goal List: Enrage my readers with jokes about cats. CHECK.

  4. At least there is an actual cat in ghost cat. I mean Trolls 2 without trolls. Come on!

  5. I didn't even know angelfire was still alive... I present for your reading pleasure: