Saturday, November 16, 2013

Deck the Walls

You read about it for several posts; the fabled reclaimed wood wall in the master bedroom, and you thought " yeah right, a lofty pinterest project she'll never get to". Well, IN YOUR FACE, doubtful readers! I present to you the fruits of so much labor......
Most people do it behind the headboard, but then I would never  get to look at it!

These are the sort of projects that older generations look at and go:
"Well that's....interesting." or "Very...creative." or "That's....a design choice....."

Oh yeah, we made the cheap-o mirror part of the design and now it looks AWESOME.
All the rusty hardware is also original to the deck

Made entirely from the old deck, some pallets, and a wine box from the side of the road. We are so green, this totally justifies the AC bill from this summer, right? Somewhere an endangered owl is tilting his head at me like this:
Are you being serious right now, Jamie? No, endangered owls, not really.
So now the walls of the master bedroom are completely done, taking it from a cold and stark space to a cozy haven for us and pup.

And the giant wood pile in the back yard is gone! More space for Todd run around and less space for lizards and opossums to nest. With the little bit left over we made a table top for a table base I picked up off free craigslist.


( Black chair and side table are also from free craigslist)

We put the rest out on the curb where a lovely man with a trailer came and took the lot to be used yet again!
Gracias, guy who reads free craigslist like it's his job!

And yes, readers, I wrote this on my very flat laptop. I now have a system of using pillows to prop up the screen while simultaneously bending my knees a certain way. Ahhhhhh...when's Christmas? Is Santa real? Can elves make a Mac?

Off to write some letters to the North Pole, readers....byeeee.


  1. Holy crap!! Your do-it-yourself-edness never ceases to amaze and astound. The wall looks absolutely fantastic. And then you made a table top too!? The whole thing is mind-blowing. I know my choice of language could be construed as sarcastic but I do really mean every word. Ridiculously amazing, as per usual. I want to come seeeee everything.

  2. While I fall into the mindset of the older generation you described ("well that's...interesting"), I LOVE how creative you are! I'm way not a DIY-er and the reclaimed wood movement is so far from my personal style, I'm amazed at how well it all turned out. And I'm constantly in awe of how many projects you can do for like 37 cents! BRAVO!