Friday, August 9, 2013

The Calm Before the Awesome

So as we speak ( or rather: I type and you later read), our best "friends who are a couple" ( trying not to hurt feelings of single friends here) are on their way from San Diego to come live with us in Austin!
These fools.

Adding two more beings of pure awesome to this house is an exciting but also daunting process. In the few days I have before their arrival, I am attempting enjoy the calm before Samnado and Mariestrom (Maelstrom, look it up) turn this house into a hippie commune. How, you ask?

a) Snuggles with Todd
He is the Precious to my Golem

b) Sipping my breakfast smoothie on the new deck in the morning quiet before it gets too damn hot (TEXAS!)
We gon' need more chairs, craigslist.

c) Re-watching The Hills before they come so I don't get made fun of when it's in the queue. 
Don't judge me while I judge these dummies!

In the weeks leading up to now I've been prepping their room and bathroom, which when we arrived looked like this:

Sorry 'bout it....

But now it looks like this:

Oh hey, adult appropriate rooms! Is that a chalkboard wall? Yes it is. Will our friends draw sexual organs on it instead of nice things? You bet.

So yeah we did that, plus clean out every spare inch of cabinetry and closet space we could find for them. The certification in organization really came in handy here as all the luggage, linens, first aid, guest bath supplies etc had to fit in our master closet with all our clothes and shoes. Good thing that thing is a corridor to Narnia...
The lamppost is behind the purses.

Now all there is left to do is carefully plan what happens when they walk through the door (Other than Todd peeing with glee even though just we JUST took him out).  Inflatable dinosaurs? Matthew McConaughey naked playing bongos? 70's style strippers? How would YOU welcome them? (this is the part where you comment)


  1. Um, obviously the correct answer is this:

    1. We're halfway there with Dave, who guards our door. :P

  2. The answer to your question about how to welcome them to Casa McBrown is as follows: set up a photo booth station where you can take awkward family photos immediately upon their arrival. With the dinosaur in the foyer as the main prop, obviously.

    1. HE HAS A NAME MUL. DAVE! And now he's hurt that you forgot it when he ALWAYS remembers your name. Ugh, now he's going to be bitchy all day, so thanks.

  3. I will be VERY disappointed if you did not come up with something incredible to do as a way to welcome Sam and Marie. And I will be downright upset if it's not documented! Shouldn't they be walking in the door at any moment??

  4. We decided on a BayWatch style run across the lawn and and big sweaty hug. And nice beers. :)

  5. PLease, Please come over and help me do my closet in a few months. I'll buy you beer. Or make you delicious things off Pinterest.

  6. JIll- I also accept money for services. Shocking, I know. Happy to help, whatever the trade is....