Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Where Have You Gone, Jamie DiMaggio?

Apologies for the several week hiatus I took from the blog, readers; I know you have been just beside yourselves waiting for a new post.
Yeah, right, says this knowing corgi.
Truth be told, I have been doing a ton of stuff and just haven't felt any of it inspired a witty outpouring onto the keyboard. My mind grapes have gone prune-y, my brain curds are more like brain turds. I partially blame my friend who recently wrote a novel and sent it to me for feedback. All my editorial power is being channeled into his project, leaving none for myself. How dare I help others, says no one. See, I knew you'd understand, fair and wise reader. One reader did flatter me today by sending me this in a facebook message:

with the caption "pretend this says more blog posts please". Thanks, lady, you make me feel special....and desired. Feel free to hit me up on Valentine's day....or anytime I have a good interview and then they tell me I am their 2nd choice.

So what did I do other than give notes on the first draft of a novel which features almost everyone I went to high school with, but no mention of anyone remotely like me (he knows this upsets me, and may or may not appease my vanity in a future draft)? Lots of home projects....

Like this update to the front door:
Before: Cheap, and not well painted.

After: More expensive looking and the design stands out now. 
And from the outside it ties in with the newly painted light and doorbell....thingy,which used to be pink. GROSS. Looking at the photo now, I think staining or covering the concrete walkway somehow will make it even more inviting.

And a $10 side table/cabinet from Goodwill:
I am terrible at proper "before" pics. 
Way cuter!

And this free side table from the side of the road in my neighborhood:
Again, terrible about "before" photos. Brass hardware on the drawer at the bottom.

I get the feeling The Vintage Project would LOVE this. Am I correct, M.?
I love how it turned out, though this house is turning out in more of a muted palette, so I may sell it.  The turquoise was in the garage when we moved in so that was free too. But it's it the office for now, and would be cute for a girl's nursery maybe for someone.

I did more than this, but will put those in a separate post, just as so-so entertaining as this one. 



  1. The Vintage Project loves the feel of the mid-century modern side-table/mini hutch. Though, I have to say that my favorite part is the front door make over. I think there is something so incredibly glam about a black font just makes everything pop! BRAVO!

    PS - I'd totally put you in my novel.