Saturday, August 10, 2013


This seems to be the week  where living on a green belt subtly creeps into my house and bites me in the ass. Here are some the new friends and enemies shacking up in my house that I met this week.

Roger, who mistakenly flipped my running shoe into his 3 bedroom condo with a garage view.  He met the business end of a broom because I PANICKED.

Simon, who squared off with Todd in the living room before I ushered him onto a plastic placemat and dumped him in the garbage disposal...NOBODY THREATENS TODD AND GETS AWAY WITH IT!!

Floyd, who performed a scene from Alien (or some sort of insect burlesque act) on our front door. He was spared, because the world needs great actors like this!

Newton, who enjoys the new deck as much as we do. Also spared, for mosquito eating purposes.

Freddie, who ditched the deck in favor of the A/C in the living room. Safely relocated to the greenbelt.

So there you have it....creepy crawlies beware. There is a 40% chance I will kill you either in a heated panic or calculated dismemberment. So please, just stay in the yard and eat the mosquitos.

1 comment:

  1. Newton is adorable and you are insanely brave. I'll take my concrete jungle over the creepy crawly museum you have taken up residence in!