Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Bring Me Back Somethin' French! Part One: Bus Ridin' to the Dock of the Bay

Oh hai guys! Did you think I left you? Well I did…for Europe.

The hubs and I jumped on a last minute deal for an 11 day cruise that hit England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Norway, and Denmark. Weee!

Naturally we made arrangements for Todders by dumping out a bag of food on the floor and covering a corner in newspaper  leaving him in the nurturing and capable hands of best friends. They renamed him "WiggleDums" and I am still working on getting him back to responding to "Todd". Thanks guys.
"My name is WiggleDums"… "No, it's Todd"…
"Are you sure?"…."Yes I'm sure"…..
"No, I'm fairly certain it's WiggleDums."….Sigh.
Soooo…Europe. We started in London and had to take a bus to the dock in Harwich which is about 2 hours. Chump change compare to the flight from Austin which was 10 hours. 
Not bad for weary travelers!

Matt promptly fell asleep, leaving me quality time to take in the scenery and overhear some AMAZING comments from fellow bus riders. In my delirium I wrote a few things down:

Things Matt Missed On The Bus Because He Was Schleepings

Cows pooping in fields.
Elderly lady naming plants she may have seen on the side of the road and saying "but maybe it's not that plant after all" EVERY TIME.
 A truck that said C. Butt on the side.
Old people getting all huffy about windmills as an energy source, and actually harumphing about it.
"Gregory delivery wine truck"- my thoughts on this: wow Greg is a nice guy to deliver wine on mass like that
Sign: "End of Motorway Regulations" - my thoughts: Woooo! Lawless Roads!
A Romanian couple arguing about how to pronounce the english phrase " Where can I smoke, dude?"…there are many inflections being rehearsed.
Two women wondering if the Holmesdale Tunnel is part of The Chunnel. It is not, dear ladies.
Sign: "Free Recovery, Awiat Rescue"- my thoughts: "We're saved" said all the drug addicts!

Then I too fell aschleep.

I have changed nothing from when I originally wrote this and at the time it was all hilarious. I had not slept for about 20 hours. We made it to the boat….
Sort of windy

Next up….Paris, where everything might be the Eiffel Tour. See you then, travel hungry readers!

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  1. Oh, people on the bus. A true cross-section of humanity itself.

    Yay, travels! I love seeing my pretty friends' faces being happy and having fun! I don't care if that makes me sound like some sort of well-wishing voyeur. I yam what I yam.